Tuesday, February 10, 2015

FOOTBALL - Just off the Road

Driving around the week after the Super Bowl, I couldn't help but replay that last minute in my mind.  Why oh why didn't Marshawn get the ball?  What was Pete thinking?  Would they have another chance next year?

But then my 12th Woman kicked in, and I realized that in my car was this Seahawks cup, just waiting to be photographed by my loving 12th Man.  He's gazing across a field, just waiting, still fierce, and determined to WIN THE SUPER BOWL in 2016.  Go Hawks!!!

FEATHERS - Just off the Road

 There are lots of birds where I live.  All types, colors, and sizes.   I never paid much attention to birds before, but now I'm an unofficial bird-watcher, thanks to my daughter, a variety of feeders, and my friends at Wild Birds Unlimited in Gardiner.  Who knew that they even sell books that feature bird feathers?

Never one to miss an opportunity, my husband took this Northern Flicker feather and made it the focus of his recent class in close-up photography.  We spent a full day in the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge, seeking out backgrounds for my flicker feather.  "The Feather as Art" is the result. 

Beginning with moss, moving to bark patterns in a Western Red Cedar stump, progressing to sword ferns, then rocks, he was able to create a photo that highlights the beauty of a simple bird feather.  This is such a special place if you take the time to look.