Sunday, October 12, 2014

WEBS - Just off the Road

Who knew that spiders were artists?  As I take my morning walks, I often stop to marvel at the ethereal beauty created by the arachnids of Sequim.  They pick the most beautiful, the most unlikely, the most annoying of places to spin their magic.  It's not unusual for me to end up with a web stretched across my face... and how did they manage to put their web where there is no visible anchor?

 My husband finds art is the most unlikely places, and the best times are when the dew is wet on the grass and glistening on spider art.

These spinners of art seem to have an unerring sense of direction as they turn in circles, around and around, to create their lair.  That's the unappealing part of their work.  These lovely, artsy, photogenic creations are traps for the unsuspecting.  They've done their work well, since they trap us into stopping a while, admiring the gift that nature has bestowed on them. Who knew that something so deadly could be so amazing!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

BEARS - Just off the Road

"There's bears in them thar hills!"  Possibly true in Alaska, but who knew that it could be the case in little ole' Sequim? 

Part of the charm of this lovely place is its diversity.  Cows in the middle of town, lavender everywhere, our own Costco, and now BEARS!  For instance, there are the waving bears to be found at the Olympic Game Farm.  Leftover, I read, from the days of the wonderful Disney nature movies, they perform on cue for a little slice of bread - wheat only.

But being Sequim, I naturally expect there are other types of bears, and I'm not surprised to find my niece cozying up to the more benign type found everywhere at a popular local restaurant.
I love Sequim.  It never ceases to amaze me.  Just when I think I've figured it out, it comes up with something that surprises and delights.  I'm so glad we moved!