Wednesday, April 1, 2015

WHAT IS IT? - Just off the Road

 Taking pictures of everyday things can get a bit boring, but not when my husband is around.  The other day, he called me over to his computer and showed me this series of photos and asked me to guess what they were.
Naturally I could see that they were bubbles, but how in the world did he manage to get the exotic colors, and the textures that seemed to be changing in front of my eyes.

After several attempts, I gave up and he disclosed his secret - he had poured water into a Pyrex bowl, added some canola oil, set it on a cardboard box, and slid one of his favorite, colorful sweaters under the bowl.  To get the movement, he barely stirred the oil and water and voila!  Magic!!  Who knew I had a magician in my very own house?

SUNSET - Just off the Road

Our little family spent a day recently near Forks, WA on Second Beach - the beach made famous by the TWILIGHT series.  If you ask me, though Twilight was pretty cool, this beach really doesn't need a book or movie to give it credence.

My husband, the photographer, insisted that we go prepared with water, lunch, snacks, and headlamps, since the only way to get a sunset picture is to stay until the sun sets, after which it gets dark.  I must admit that, after seeing this incredible sunset, the hike went by in a flash.  We were all dazzled by the beauty that God shares with us if we're only willing to hang around and watch.

WARMER CLIMES - Just off the Road

Last week we spent a few days in a warmer place... Laguna Beach, CA.  It was warm enough to swim in the pool, or even the ocean.  The resort had multiple pools, with the wall of one adorned with rather cool fish and sea kelp.

In California there are lots of plants that we don't see around here.  Cactus, ice plant, bougainvillias, and other species that like hot, dry weather.  So different, but after a few days, I realized that I really don't like California too much.  It's beautiful, but busy, impressive but expensive, warm but wearying. 

Don't get me wrong, it was nice to get up early and walk on the beach. visit amazing galleries, dine in fabulous restaurants, but when all is said and done, I'll take our lovely, quiet, quaint little town anytime.