Monday, November 17, 2014

BRRR - Just off the Road

It's getting chilly here in Sequim.  Not nearly as cold as Alaska usually is (though not this year), but cold enough that we're forced to turn on our new propane fireplace.  I wasn't so sure about giving up the woodstove, but this new unit is clean and when I want some heat, I simply throw a switch.  I like that!  Not one to miss an opportunity, my camera-toting husband spent an evening this week lying on his stomach, gazing though his lens, and snapping away.  The result is something both beautiful and interesting.  I like the blue glass on the bottom of the fireplace, since it adds an unusual quality to the flame.

More interesting still is the single tongue of flame that he caught.  It looks lonely in this picture, but it was doing its part, along with its mates, to warm up our chilly November evening, while adding art to our living room.

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