Sunday, December 7, 2014

"LITTLE BIT" - Just off the Road

 My grandson has been bugging his mother for a year to get a snake, gecko, lizard, or some sort of reptilian species.  For a year she made him do his homework, researching the different types, what they require, how to care for and feed them, how long they live, etc. etc.  To her surprise, he was diligent and she finally caved.  The new resident of their home is a water dragon which, according to the pet store lady, is the easiest and least problematic member of the lizard family.  The rub came with the task of selecting a name.  They've ranged from Bob to Wizard to Nacho to Steve until at last, under threat of "nameless" the choice has been made to go with Little Bit.  He is, after all, a small lizard, and though he eats mealworms and kale and live crickets, he's pretty benign.

Little Bit has been accepted by the cats, the dog, and the grandparents, though my husband has yet to hold him.  He's the newest resident of our little bit of heaven - just off the road.

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