Tuesday, July 7, 2015

HIKING IN THE HOH - Just off the Road

 The 4th of July was the shake-down cruise for our new (used) 21' Class B+ motor home.  We've been thinking about getting one, and the more we talked about how convenient it would be for my honey and me to take short and sometimes long photo trips, the more it made sense.  We selected the Hoh Rain Forest in the Olympic National Park as our first destination. The Hoh is filled with huge trees, some of them 300' tall, hanging moss, sword ferns and simple peace.
In my job as tripod-carrier, I often get to stand back and watch while my husband dedicates his entire being to getting the shot.  The Hoh River is running rather low this year, since we're entering a period of serious drought on the Olympic Peninsula, but it is still photo-worthy

My husband's artistic eye led to this shot, from his knees, while I stood back and just listened.  The sound of water over rocks is soothing somehow, but it can also get you excited to continue exploring..

And explore we did.  There are the most magnificent maple trees in the Hoh Forest, each one higher and more grand than the others.  We really did have a great weekend, and our motor home proved that it will be a great home base for our adventures.

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