Tuesday, September 8, 2015

QUITO TRAFFIC - Just off the Road

     As I mentioned before, a few weeks ago we found ourselves wandering around Quito, the capital of Ecuador, and exposing our grandson, his mom, and us to the wonders of traveling in South America.  Though it's hard to see, this family of FOUR found a way to get around on the back of a small motorcycle with no problem whatsoever.
      There are other options, of course.  For those who want variety in their mode, this colorful bus which included musicians in full volume, presented a unique opportunity to get around.
     We didn't see many convertibles in Quito, but as we were leaving the city, we came upon this local version, flying down the road, with it's own version of air conditioning.

     My favorite of all the types of travel we saw didn't actually involve a vehicle, but rather people who stand in the intersection and entertain with waving flags, as these ladies, or sometimes by juggling bottles, balls, or any number of other items - all with the hope of a small donation for the free show.
     Quito is somewhat unique in our travels thus far since it's perfectly clean, people are friendly, and even though our Spanish is somewhat lacking, they are extremely patient and good with hand gestures - the positive kind.

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