Saturday, October 10, 2015

AUTUMN - Just off the Road

 On our recent visit to the Japanese Garden in Seattle, I was stopped in my tracks by this almost unreal Japanese maple tree.  Living in Alaska for so many years, I'd almost forgotten that autumn can last more than a week.  The variety of trees around here may not be as great as on the East Coast, but they're beautiful none the less, and I feel the emotion that the season always brings to me as I wander through the leaves.
 I'm not sure how these Ornamental Carp (Koi) feel about autumn.  It's unlikely that their pond will freeze in Seattle, but I wonder if they dislike the feeling of the water growing cooler as the season progresses.
One thing is certain, these cormorants won't let any cold weather stop them from perching on the ferry pilings, keeping a lookout for any likely lunch, or maybe they're just waiting for the next boat.  When I think about it, I realize that with each passing day I grow to love this place more.

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